8. Internationaler Kreativ Wettbewerb 2016

Media Contest in 9 genres

Photography   ♦  Films   ♦  Animated Films   ♦  Game Design   ♦  Film Soundtracks/Sound Design   ♦  Dramaturgy   ♦ 
Painting/Drawing/Illustration/Comic Art   ♦  Advertising/PR   ♦  Journalism

I. Motto:
„Welt ohne Gewalt – führ‘ Regie – gibt den Ton an – mach‘ mit!“

II. Motto:
"Gedankenflug und Geistesblitz. Gestalte die Welt!"

III. Motto - Drummer-Projects:
„Schlag nicht Andere, schlag das Schlagzeug, mach Musik“

Link zu den Tracks of Drummer Legends


This contest offers special opportunities:

  • to win prestigious awards for outstanding achievements,
  • to acquire public recognition and present your work,
  • to share the stage with international guest stars.

The contest is aimed at

  • both professionals and amateurs,
  • children, young people and adults,
  • people who are creative, curious, artistic, committed, responsible,
  • people who are not indifferent to violence and crime,
  • people who feel very strongly about preventing violence,
  • people who want to achieve something,
  • national and international audiences.

Once again this year, awards for exceptional productions will be presented to celebrities from the film industry during a gala event in Munich.