8th International Creative and Media Contest

Our Vision - Intention - Intension (1)

He that sows bombs shall reap refugees;

he that sows the seeds of division shall reap wars;

he that commits violence shall reap violence;

he that “plays” war has his head full of war;

he that wages wars kills unscrupulously; (2)

he that understands war recognises the lies of war;
he that turns a blind eye finances wars. (3)

There is only one effective measure against war, killing and violence:
education, personal development, perception and cognitive processes,
separating oneself from the behaviour found in the primitive development stage of 3- to 5-year-old children  (4)
and discovering the way to become a mature person.

Man's greatest enemy is stupidity:
to be ignorant of something,
to be unable to understand,
to allow oneself to be manipulated.

Are people who are in favour of war and death (5)
psychologically ill, or where does this hatred of their fellow human beings come from?

For the past 70 years or so, we have experienced freedom in the heart of Europe – what a treasure!

(1) Vision:   idea, image or concept of the future
Intention:    aim, objective, quality of purposefulness, plan
Intension:   1. intensity; intensification   2. meaning of expression
(Source:  Encarta World English Dictionary)
(2) Politically, killing thousands of people is dismissed as “collateral damage”.
(3) Namely, with the taxes they pay.
(4) At this age (because they lack personal capabilities and psychological maturity)
children experience pleasure when they destroy what others have built 
(and what is rebuilt after it has been destroyed).
(5) Not their own death, but that of others.