8th International Creative and Media Contest

Statements  2016  


It was a great honour for me to be selected as the winner of the Gingko Award 2015!
Presentation of the award during a gala event was just one of the special highlights.
Walking on a red carpet, with television cameras everywhere, was a first for me. The
entire event  was extremely elegant and I truly felt that I was taken seriously as an artist.
During this ceremony, I had the opportunity to exchange  ideas with other artists,
including very experienced ones, and this was a fabulous  experience that really helped
me a lot. All of the work shown was both exceptional and of a very high standard,
and this inspired me to continue being committed as an artist to social issues, especially
with those children I've already worked together with last year. The support I've received
through the prizes donated by the competition's  sponsors have given me many new
possibilities for achieving my plans! I'm already planning my next project...

Jenny Winter, 16 years old
Winner of the 2015 Award in the Subcategory for “Young People”, Category for Photography


The “Creative Contest” is a great event that sets the focus once again on the
right perspective, on values and standards, especially in this superficial
and fast-moving age. It supports essential, sustainable projects, particularly
with an eye on young talents who represent our future.

Martin Rohé
Winner of the 2015 Award in the Subcategory for “Professionals”, Category for Films

I had the honour of winning the Ginkgo Award 2015. Both the presentation of
the award and the gala event among all the other artists, prize winners and sponsors was a very
special experience for me. I will remember the elegant atmosphere of the “HighLight Towers” in Munich, the
festive mood and this very successful evening for a long, long time!

Antonia Sanker
Winner of the Ginkgo Award 2015 in the Subcategory for “Professionals”, Category for Painting/Drawing/Illustration/Comic Art